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Los Toreros Muertos and dj HELL will be at the 54th edition of the FICX

Twelve groups, musicians and DJ's acting in eight evenings are distributed in the five scenarios the FICX will present to host festivals and concerts this year. Three charismatic DJ's will be in charge of the opening ceremony of the 54th edition: Mark Taylor, Herminio Afonso and Felix A. Limaña. Los Toreros Muertos is one of the musts of this programm. Already a classic ofGijon's month of November. And of the national scene will be, among others, Body & Soul, Rafa Kasand Max Gamuza. Concerts will be at the Casino de Asturias, Varsovia, La Buena Vida,Savoy and Green Dog Café starting atmidnight.


Saturday, November 19, Casino de Asturias, 00:00 h, free entrance

FÉLIX A. LIMAÑA. Former Dr. Explosion, we know him as a DJ, Euroyeyé organizer and because of the wild nights of the Barbaro Chico Club and ex-responsible of the trouble&tea label. Of cultural restlessness of inestimable exiguous, his stories and collaborations for magazines, fanzines and other means have been unnoticed for the educated reader almost as much as his Libro / Diario (Subterfuge 1996).

HERMINIO AFONSO. One of the most experienced DJ's of organic dance music inAsturias. More than 20 years after the plates he became one of the most active activists as a DJ and promoter of events related to African American black music in our country. His constant concern for a vast sonorous heritage (modern soul, rare groove, jazz & folk-funk, boogie, disco, Brazilian rhythms, ambient ...). Herminio has also taken many times his eclectic sessions to prestigious British clubs like Jazz Rooms (Brighton), Independent Movement or Jazzed Up (London).

MARK TAYLOR. Music collector since the late 70's, Mark GV Taylor started playing in the 90's, mainly soul, jazz and world music. He started with a weekly residency at the Havanna Club inAmsterdam and soon accompanied it with a radio show on Dutch radio station Groove FM before broadening his range of action acrossEurope. In the last 20 years he has mixed his work on the radio with DJ sets, his business of selling rarities and the compilation of several albums for labels like Blue Note.


Sunday, November 20, Green Dog Café, 0:00 am free entrance

Samuel & The Afrobeat Brothers is aGijon band led by Samuel Ogunmola, a Nigerian musician who has lived in our region for almost two decades. His stalwarts, bassist Juan López, guitarist Alejandro Álvarez and Arturo Avila on drums join him to form The Afrobeat Brothers. The group offers us their particular vision of afrobeat, a style of music fromNigeria, which mixes mainly funk and jazz with traditional African music.


Monday, November 21,, Varsovia, 0:00 am, free entrance

Varsovia café will travel in time to bring moviegoers into the dry law era. Throughout the 1920s and 1933s of the twentieth century the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages in theUnited States was not allowed, although people were looking for so-called speakeasy to quench their thirst and to relate. The speakeasies were frequented by people of all kinds, from gangsters and music to policemen and senators. Contrary to expectations, the ban was a golden age at cocktail parties and secret clubs. Viewers will feel like one more in a secret club, in the particular speakeasy. If we add to this the performance of Body & Soul with its adaptations of classical and contemporary played as swing, all of it will make this an immersive experience. And without virtual reality glasses.


Tuesday, November 22, Savoy, 0:00 h, free entrance

One of the greats of the Asturian scene will fill with rock the night of Tuesday, with the absolute musical solvency as it corresponds to a musician who has played with bands like Illegales, Extremoduro, La Uniónor Los Toreros Muertos. His playing style, in which he never neglects the staging and the plastic aspect of the interpretation of rock and roll, is also one of the most remarkable aspects of this incredible guitarist.


Wednesday 23, Warsaw, 0:00 h, free entrance

In the 1930s, after the great crack of 29', the American population needed to travel and to abstract from the economic situation.DonnBeach decided to open a room with atmosphere, drinks and food fromPolynesia andAsia so that they could travel and get out of their routine just by putting a foot in that place. The initiative was a resounding success and soon they would become a type of bar that would be popularized by all the world. Do you want to travel with us toPolynesia? Do you want to feel like Elvis inHawaii? Do you want to get out of your routine? Wednesday night will be the Tiki night at FICX.


Thursday, November 24, Savoy, 0:00 h, free admission

Max Gamuza will be at FICX presenting his new album, as real and sincere as his portentous garage sixty rock n 'roll. Endowed with an overflowing creativity, it is composed of thirteen unbeatable songs of genuine and true rock n 'roll.


Friday, November 25, La Buena Vida, 0:00 h, free entrance

Los Toreros Muertos (Pablo Carbonell, Guillermo Piccolini and Many Moures) join fun with the best live. With their provocative lyrics and their desire to entertain the public, they manage to offer a show that always leaves a good taste in the mouth. After 23 years on stage, the group released their live album, recorded at the Gran Teatro Falla inCadiz, in 2015, a show similar to the one they will offer in La Buena Vida as one of the most fun, breakthrough and current alternatives of the current Musical panorama.


Saturday, November 26, Casino de Asturias, 0:30 h, 15€ in advance and 18€ at the box office

The German DJ Hell is one of the precursors of Electroclash, the revival movement of music of the 80s and one of the most recognized artists of house music and techno. With his label, International DeejayGigolos, he has collaborated with artists such as Tiga, Pet Shop Boys or Jeff Mills. His most prominent publications include New Deutsch, a compilation of the post-punk movement of the early 1980's and one of his early works My Definition of House Music. Dj Hell will offer his best house and techno show in the Sala Acapulco (Casino Gijon) to dismiss the Gijon International Film Festival.

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