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José Díaz will bring a special screening with 100 días de soledad, as well as competing at Enfants Terribles, while Luis Argeo and James D. Fernández with La plomada and Rafa de los Arcos with El equipo de mi barrio will appear at Esbilla.

Ramón Lluís Bande will make it double at the festival with his film Escoréu, 24d'avientu de 1937 at Rellumes and Aún me quedan balas para dibujar at the Official Section of Short Films.

Gijón/Xixón Film Festival will dedicate a focus to Asturian filmmaker Elisa Cepedal.

With just a few weeks left to finish the programme, the 55th edition of Gijón/Xixón International Film Festival has already verified the attendance of several Asturian-made films amongst its international competitions. For the first time there will be local productions participating at the same time at Enfants Terribles, Esbilla and Rellumes. 100 días de soledad, a project by photographer and naturalist José Díaz, will be one of the Festival's special projections, while competing at Enfants Terribles. Ramón Lluís Bande will present his latest feature film at Rellumes. Luis Argeo and James D. Fernández will present La plomada, while Rafa de los Arcos will show us the story of U.C. Ceares (a local soccer team). On the other hand, Asturian participation will transcend the contest to take its place on the retrospectives: the 55FICX will dedicate a cycle to Elisa Cepedal's reality cinema, which makes up the first focus dedicated to an Asturian filmmaker in the event's recent history.

The special projections at 55FICX will see the latest project from the Asturian naturalist José Díaz (Oviedo, 1964), 100 días de soledad. The film, which will also compete at Enfants Terribles, shows Díaz's retreat to a cabin at Redes Natural Park, as a continuation of the philosophy from the legendary ermits of the 19th and 20th centuries H.D. Thoreau, Richard Proenneke or Sylvain Tesson. Using his projects dedicated to the Asturian mountains as base, Díaz lives in complete isolation the changes that the Biosphere Reserve goes through during 14 weeks. The fusion with Redes natural sanctuary serves not just as an aesthetic approach to nature, but to question our own frantic progress as a species.

Ramón Lluís Bande (Gijón/Xixón, 1972) will participate twice in the competition: his latest feature film, Escoréu, 24d'avientu de 1937, will participate in Rellumes, and Aún me quedan balas para dibujar, will do the same in the short films sections. Loyal to his austerity and a cinema that has not been reconciled politically or industrially, Bande presents a feature film where he connects the present with the Christmas Eve of 1937, when two brothers were taken out of their house at Escoréu (Pravia) by a falangist, and assassinated. Eighty years later, a group of volunteers are looking for their remains, a fact that Bande uses to make another example of enduring cinema and tell stories that so far have remained untold. Gijón/Xixón will offer the world premieres of both films.

Asturian-American production La Plomada, directed by Luis Argeo (Piedras Blancas, 1975) and James D. Fernández (New York, 1961), will be part of the Esbilla international section. The new collaboration between these directors will be paired with their documentary, Un legado de humo (2014), where they had already joined past and present about the Spanish people that worked in Tampa's cigar factory 100 years ago, in the United States of America.

El equipo de mi barrio, financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign made up of more than 300 patrons, shows the daily life of the emblematic team from Gijón/Xixón, U.C. Ceares: a football team close to disappearing is rescued thanks to the willingness of its supporters, anonymous heroes that brought back to the neighbourhood the spirit of the original football, far from idolatry and mercantilism, safeguarding the essence of a sport understood in its purest form. Gijón/Xixón will be home to the premiere of this documentary, Rafa de los Arcos' debut feature, in the Sección Internacional Esbilla.

Elisa Cepedal

55FICX dedicates a focus to Asturian filmmaker Elisa Cepedal (Barredos, 1982), where the audience will be shown her particular way of seeing reality and how she transforms it in a simple but efficient cinema.

Cepedal's work is known to the audiences from Gijón/Xixón because she won the Nuevos Realizadores award in 2010 and presented her works at the Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes and at the La Noche del Corto Español.

Cepedal, who is now working on her first feature film, returns to FICX with a programme that includes La Playa (2010) and Ay Pena (2011), short films that have been shown at art centres and festivals like MoMA or BAFICI. The trio is completed by El desastre (2014), a contribution to the collective film Llar (2014), released at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

The realist look from Asturian filmmaker Elisa Cepedal is added to the multimedia and conceptual art of the Austrian VALIE EXPORT, and to Carla Simón's intimate and delicate cinema, in three focuses dedicated to female filmmakers that the FICX has announced so far.

Día d'Asturies and New Filmmakers

The call to present films for the Día d'Asturies, a section sponsored by Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias (RTPA), will end on October 6th. The goal with this section is to promote the career of new Asturian directors and producers, betting on the future of cinematography and audiovisual development in Asturias. Gijón/Xixón, collaborating with Laboral Cineteca, will give the Laboral Cineteca Cortos awards, included in the Día d'Asturies, to one of the short films that are part of this selection. The prize consists on the distribution of the selected short film in festivals and other cinema competitions of renown, both nationally and internationally. Access the Día d'Asturies call here.

On the other hand, the Principality of Asturias' call for Premio Nuevos Realizadores will be open until September 20th. The winning project will awarded a 5,000€ award. The short film will premiere on the 56th edition of the Festival. Access the Premio Nuevos Realizadores terms and conditions here.
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