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The 55th Gijón/Xixón International Film Festival will pay special attention to the most important cinematography in the Continent. The most recent French cinema will join the FICX in a programme that brings together unreleased works from veteran and novel filmmakers willing to take the stage.

The FICX audience will be able to watch Paul Vecchiali's (Corsica, 1930) European premiere at the Sección Oficial, whose latest work was released in the Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival. Les sept déserteurs ou la guerre en vrac is an anti-war tale where the veteran director uses theatrical language to develop a drama with surprising comedy tones. It is a new opportunity to shed light on a filmmaker that was incomprehensibly hidden for a long time. Bruno Dumont's (Bailleul, 1958) rock-opera Jeannete, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc will be part of the Sección Oficial; the director of Hors Satan rewrites La Pucelle d'Orleans' childhood by way of dancing and electric guitars. FICX had already dedicated a restrospective to Dumont on its 44th edition, and will now bring his latest film to Gijón/Xixón after his celebrated stay at Cannes Film Festival Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.

The audience will have the opportunity to watch Grandeur et decadence d'un petit commerce de cinema, a television work by legendary French-Swiss filmmaker Jean Luc Godard (Paris, 1930), an unreleased work recovered thanks to the film distribution company Capricci Cine. With Jean-Pierre Léaud as the lead, Godard puts forward some of the stylistic and thematic keys about some of the seventh art's signature works, be it his (Histoire(s) du cinema) or from other filmmakers (Mulholland Drive). Gijón/Xixón will be the first location in our country where the lost work from one of the most important authors in cinema history will be projected and its debut in cinemas will in December.

The Competición Internacional Rellumes will have threefold French representation. Drôles d'oiseaux, presented in the 2017 edition of the Berlinale and putting together the unlikely couple made by Jean Sorel and Lolita Chammah (Isabelle Huppert's daughter) in an unusual story that mixes mystery and romance under Élise Girard (Thouars, 1974). This section will also present another hidden gem from Cannes, Pour le réconfort, the debut feature for actor Vincent Macaigne (Paris, 1978), one of the most recognizable faces in new wave French cinema. The film explores the new relationships among the modern French youth, both emotionally and socially, with the complicity mastery of Spanish photography director Mauro Herce, whom FICX audiences may remember for his debut Dead Slow Ahead. Lastly, French documentaries arrive at the competition with Nothingwood. It is Sonia Kronlund's debut feature and has been nominated to the EFA awards. It follows Afghan Salim Shaheen, a prolific actor, director and producer with more than 100 films, and it represents an opportunity to get to know Z cinema with a great sense humour despite the extreme situation in Afghanistan.
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