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Laboral Cinemateca and Gijón International Film Festival are co-producing the new section FICX/Laboral Cinemateca


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  • Laboral's Paranymph will be the space where the projection of a selection of classics from the Seventh Art in 35mm will take place.
  • The Festival will add the Laboral Cinemateca Short Films Award, included in the in the Día d'Asturies section.
  • Laboral Culture City will host the Enfants Terribles projections, a section co-produced by FICX and Laboral Cinemateca, and other international section from the festival.
  • The FICX will premiere Samu Sanchez's Bajo la piel del lobo, feature film from the Asturias director who has counted with the collaboration from the Principality's Film Commision and the soundtrack's recording from the OSPA.
Laboral Cinemateca and Gijón International Film Festival are starting this year a new collaboration that is reflected in the co-production of a new section, FICX/Laboral Cinemateca, and the Laboral Cinemateca Short Films award for the Día D'Asturies. It was announced this morning by the Deputy Councillor of Culture, Vicente Domínguez, and the Festival's Director, Alejandro Díaz Castaño, who emphasized both entities' bet on promoting cinematographic knowledge, past and present, as well as Asturian talent.

Moreover, Laboral Cinemateca and FICX will collaborate in the organization of the Industry Days, and Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura will host, aside from the Enfants Terribles' projections and from other sections, the Bajo la piel de lobo screening, the feature film by the filmmaker from Noreña Samu Fuentes, and 100 días de soledad, a documentary by José Díaz.

The 55th edition of the Festival, celebrated between November 17th and the 25th, will see several novelties, amongst which we can highlight a new section: the FICX/Laboral Cinemateca. Its originality resides on its bet on the defence of cinema in analogical formats, the traditional 35mm, nowadays almost forgotten with the pre-eminence of the digital formats. This new space will host the screening of a selection of cinema classics from different periods alongside presentations and meetings with special guests.

This first edition will have titles like Los peces rojos (1955) by José Antonio Nieves Conde, one of the most emblematic films in Spanish post-war noire cinema which was filmed in Gijón, or Contactos (1970), one of Paulino Viota's pinnacles. The programme is completed with Paris, bajos fondos (1952) by the French Jacques Becker and Lost Highway (1997) by David Lynch, on its twentieth anniversary.

FICX/Laboral Cinemateca will bring to Gijón prominent figures and experts to present this works to the audience, and they will give them context regarding their relevance in the history of cinema.

Furthermore, Cantabrian filmmaker Paulino Viota will be in charge of presenting his movie (Contactos), while Dennis Lim, director of programming at the Lincoln Film Center in New York and author of the book David Lynch: The man from another place, will do the same for the American neonoir. Félix Tusell, CEO of Estela Films and grandson of the film's original director will be in charge of presenting the classic Los peces rojos. Finally, critic and film programmer Quim Casas will talk about Paris, bajos fondos by Jacques Becker whom Casas dedicated one of his most celebrated books.

FICX/Laboral Cinemateca screening will take place at Laboral's Paranymph.

A new award and three Asturian feature films

Laboral Cinemateca and FICX have agreed to add one award to the Festival, the Laboral Cinemateca Short Films, which will be given to one of the short films presented in the Día d'Asturies, one of the Gijón International Film Festival dedicated to cinema made in Asturias, and consist on the distribution of the selected short film (which does not necessarily coincide with the section's global winner) in the most renowned festivals and events, both nationally and internationally. The short film will be made part of the general data base of Asturian short films at the Laboral Cinemateca, which is open to all directors and producers in the Principality.

As dictated by tradition, Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, permanent headquarters for Laboral Cinemateca, regularly collaborates with the Festival by hosting at the Theatre the screening of the Enfants Terribles section, dedicated to the best children and teenage cinema of the moment, and on this edition it will also host projections from the international sections.

Laboral's Theatre will also host the premiere in Asturias of the feature film from Noreña's filmmaker Samu Fuentes, Bajo la piel del lobo (November 24th), one of the most ambitious Asturian productions in the history of our cinema. A time-travel to an Asturias shrouded in mist and mystery, with brutality as the only means of survival. It also has three of the most recognizable names amongst young actors of our country: Mario Casas ( in one of the most dramatic roles of his career), Ruth Díaz and Goya winner Irena Escolar.

This edition will also see the preview of the documentary 100 días de soledad by José Díaz ( November 18th). The film narrates his isolation for more than three months, with nature as his only companion, at Redes Natural Park. It's an emotional ode to our environment and to life lived far from modern technology, full of incredibly beautiful images.

The local audience will also be able to enjoy The Maus, directed by Yayo Herrero. It's the debut feature from the Asturian director, a fantastic horror drama, very dark, where Herrero takes us in an unsettling trip across the Balkans and into the Bosnian war through its two protagonists.

Collaboration at the FICX Industry Days

The collaboration between Laboral Cinemateca, in this case though the Principality's Film Commission, and Gijón International Film Festival is also extended in this edition to the complementary activities that the FICX is developing in the city, and is reflected in the co-production of the activities present in the programme, developed for professionals under the newly created banner of FICX Industry Days. They are a series of Industry days which will take place from November 23rd to the 20th and include talks, panel discussions, and case studies of Spanish films released in commercial theatres, as well as a presentation session of works-in-progress.

The Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto will be the main office for the FICX Industry Days (November 20th, 21st and 23rd). November 22nd is the day chosen for the activities focused on the Principality's sector and will include the Film Commission's participation where the objectives and plans for 2018 will be discussed; it will be divided in different spaces at the Museu del Pueblu d'Asturies. A presentation about the Asturian films selected for this FICX edition will also take place. On this event the directors and/or producers of those works that are part of the Festival's international contests or sections will be invited to participate, as well as those from the short films and feature films from the Día d'Asturies section.

The Festival's Industry Days will see the participation of programmer and international experts who will visit Gijón thanks to the Acción Cultural Española (ACE/E) support thanks to the Visitors arrangement from the Programa para la Internacionalización de la Cultura (PICE). The Fundación SGAE, DELUXE España and are also collaboration on this first edition of the Industry Days as media partners.

The activities programme for FICX professionals will be available on the Festival's official website in the near future.
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