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Press Play: The 55FICX Edition poster invites the public to be an active part of the Festival


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Designer César Sánchez has once again created the image for the 2017 film festival
Press play (Dale al play) is the invitation launched by Gijón/Xixón International Film Festival on its 55th edition. It is destined to the FICX spectators so they can be an active part of its programme, not just by seeing the different screenings that will be present in almost all the city's neighbourhoods, but by participating in the numerous meetings with the directors and invited artists and visiting the different exhibitions that will complement the Festival's varied sections. A nod towards the great protagonist of any cultural event: the public.

The persontasked with the creation of this #55FICX has been, just like in 2016, the local graphic designer César Sánchez, member of the communication team at Divertia. Sánchez highlights the simplicity of the process when creating the poster and its genesis and development as the result of a collective process made by the Festival's creative team: "We were looking for something simple and effective, a direct idea that could exemplify what the Festival is looking for: a power button that needs the direct action from a third party (in this case the audience) to start working." He also stated: "the central image, the poster's button, is also linked to the Festival's historic tradition because it's a representation of its famous eye. An example of metalanguage with an element referencing another."

The 55th edition's poster and everything represented will also echo in the social media where the Festival is present since alongside the official hashtag #55FICX, the event from Gijón wants to invite spectators (both residents and visitors) to use #dalealplay if they want to be an active part of its development. Amongst all the tweets and Instagram posts using this hashtag to accompany any of the Festival's activities, the organization will raffle a T-shirt with this year's poster and logo. Just #dalealplay !
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