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Brigitta Burger-Utzer: "VALIE EXPORT is as relevant as before"


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55FICX is paying tribute to the works of Waltraud Lehner (Linz, 1940), best known as VALIE EXPORT
55FICX is paying tribute to the works of Waltraud Lehner (Linz, 1940), best known as by her artistic name VALIE EXPORT, one of the pioneers in multimedia conceptual art and feminist body performance. Alejandro Díaz Castaño and Brigitta Burger-Utzer, the programme's curator and in charge of the experimental cinema distribution company Sixpack Film, presented today at the Antiguo Instituto an exhibition by the artist. The FICX director was fascinated by a "way of understanding cinema that goes beyond the audiovisuals".

At the installation, which anyone will be able to visit until November 25th, Burger-UTze highlighted the "great work" to capture " the most important elements, like the repetition through the machine". Moreover, within the special Gijón will be able to watch three of her films and two short films programmes. "She wanted to make more films, but it was impossible to carry on with them despite her international prestige. She was only accepted in Austria by the end of the 80s". Amongst all her films, she wanted to highlight The practice of Love (1985). A fiction thriller incorporating the techniques from her experimental works. It's still relevant today."

Regarding the performances programme by VALIE EXPORT, which goes from 1966 to 2007, she stressed the value of her "great theoretical mind" because "beyond her explorations about feminism, in those short films there's a great cinematographic structural reflection". To sum it up, when questioned about if the passage of time has caused the exhibition to need to be looked at differently, Burger-Utzer was categorical: "globalization and exploitation are nowadays as relevant as before, that's why VALIE EXPORT's work is still as valuable".
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