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Marc Recha: "I wasn't interested in making a period piece"


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After participating in Cannes or San Sebastián with other films, now Gijón will host the world premiere for Marc Recha's latest film.
La vida lliure's director, the only national film competing at the 55FICX, presented his work before the media alongside the actors Nùria Prims and Miquel Gelabert.

Two kids far from their mother, an old sailor and a barely inhabited island at the beginning of the 20th century. The image could evocate a classic adventure film, but Marc Recha (Pau and his brother) rebuilds its parameters from a minimum architecture. "I wasn't interested in making a period piece. I didn't have the resources for that. So we didn't make complicate it further with something cumbersome". The film is full of detailed shots from Minorca's natural environment. In barely fifteen days, the team finished filming in their locations. "We had to plan it very well. I was interested in filming the intangible, not the island's tourist side." Aside from the spatial location, La vida lliure focuses on a specific periord. "We decided to set it in October 1918, during the First World War, where there was more death due to the influenza. We added that context to the literary component". Recha pointed out his references without denying Treasure Island's influence "but also the texts written by Josep Pla".

The little ones Mariona Gomila and Macià Arguimbau uphold the weight of a work that bets on naturalism when it comes to acting. "There was a thorough casting process, and we wanted to preserve the Minorcan accents and talk. First we got Macià and then Mariona". Nùria Prims, who interprets a small role in the film, took charge: "We selected two kids without previous experience, but with a lot of sensitivity and magnetism", and she stressed the duality of the task. "Their families, teachers and classmates have also been part of the team". The cast also has Sergi López and Miquel Gelabert. The Majorcan plays the uncle who has the custody after the maternal absence. "I'm full of satisfaction feeling the affection from people who grow, looking at them instead of correcting", stated about his work with the rookie actors.

About his presence at Gijón, Recha declared that " the Festival's public is the same one that goes to the theatres, but the way they look at cinema is different", and also that, after almost three decades of work, "if I could avoid talking about my job it'd be easier" because "films are for the audience". After his world premiere at 55FICX, Splendor Films will take La vida lliure to theatres.

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