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Verónica Forqué: "Sometimes I'm happier on the stage than in life"


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After 46 years of career, the eyes and voice of Verónica Forqué remind us of the ingenious brilliance that characterized her during the 80s.
The iconic actress visited Gijón to receive the Nacho Martínez Cinematography Award, which from 2002 honours the disappeared Asturian actor, Forqué's friend and generational companion. Quoting Alejandro Díaz Castaño, this prize awards "the person's human valour, not just their artistic quality", and stressed that amongst the actress's virtues "her ease when it comes to conceiving interpretation" stands out the most.

The daughter of artists Carmen Vázquez-Vigo and José María Forqué, Verónica didn't take long before turning towards interpretation with help from her father, although when she was small she wanted to be a "nurse and Sevillian". Finally, she decided on acting "to be Mary Poppins and Concha Velasco". After barely two decades from that first wish, she was already, before being matched by Carmen Maura, the only actress with four Goyas, a comparable achievement to her great popularity". "When the people thank me for making them laugh so much, I feel that I've really done something in life".

Almodóvar (Kika), Colomo (La vida alegre) or Trueba (El año de las luces) enjoyed a comical side already emblematic in their filmographies. She even worked with Berlanga, whose direction in Moros y cristianos (1988) made her remember his "temperament, he was very charming but had quite a temper". Nevertheless, the arrival of the 21st century relegated Forqué to a much more sporadic presence on the big screen. "It wasn't a personal decision. When you reach certain age, it's hard to get female roles. There are more stories for mature women in theatre". She also added that " as women begin to tell our stories, there will more roles for us", while she considered that directors "like women younger than my age" and are "more benevolent with actors than actresses".

Her passion for theatre stages has also given way to her first steps directing. "I never thought about making films, but I'd like to keep doing theatre, because I love directing actors, sometimes we are very lonely". Regarding this tutoring sense, Forqué balances her acting work with teaching acting classes. The medium seduced her "from a very young age, I was very lucky because I debuted in the Nuria Espert company, alongside Héctor Alterio, and I felt that was my place". After a brilliant beginning, she assures she has always felt "very happy on the stage, sometimes even more than in life".

At 61 years of age and an unrelenting vitality, she received the award with "a lot of enthusiasm, for all the times I laughed with Nacho". After her stay in the 55FICX, she prefers to enjoy the present moment instead of looking back or to the future. "I'm a lucky person for having lived all my life thanks to my work, which is a hard profession, you have to let go of nostalgia and live with what you have". That's why she didn't want to mention future theatre projects, although "there're two things yet to be materialized that I'm enthusiast about". She referenced the Festival with " If I come back next year, it'll be to watch all the good films in the programme".

Sergio de Benito
Palabras clave Festival de Cine, 2017