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Karim Moussaoui: "I wanted to give a global impression about Algeria without a political discourse"


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Until the Birds Return is Karim Moussaoui's debut film
The Algerian director presented at the 55FICX a work that studies his country of origin's social classes, marked by the Arab Spring's failure.

Moussaoui had a very clear intention when he envisioned this first film: " I wanted to transmit my point of view about my country, but with letting the images tell everything". Its narrative structure crosses three generations and different social categories with the manifest intention of "giving a global impression about Algeria without making a political discourse with the dialogues".

In a film with clear social denouncement features, the production bets on stylization to avoid discourse clichés. "I didn't want to fall into a typical representation of co-productions made to be shown to foreigners, but to tell things that concern Algerians", avoiding a "repetitive and limited image". "In Algeria we only have a fund from the Ministry of Culture, and it's not enough". Moreover, the considers this model essential "not just for resources, but because the Algerian technicians' experience is very limited".

Another key component in Until the Birds Return is the use of the soundtrack through songs and choreographies. "It's part of my search about how to express myself through different media, as to not put all my ideas in words", and highlighted that, far from being "an imperceptible background", with music he talks abut "desire and juvenile energy, reinforced by the dancers' bodies".

Sergio de Benito
Palabras clave Festival de Cine, 2017