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Dario Albertini: "I was surprised by the kids' self-government system at the juvenile centres"


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Manuel is the debut fiction film for Dario Albertini. The director of the only Italian film present this year in Gijón talks about his works at the Toma 3 Vermut FICX.
In his 2014 documentary La repubblica dei ragazzi, Albertini got close to the microcosm of a Roman juvenile centre where he had been submerged for "two years". Now he's adapting this same environment to a crude fiction. "Then I was presenting the initial entry shock, but the departure", because he was limited by a television structure of 60 minutes. Three years after that, Manuel follows in the footsteps of the title's teenager during the days before he abandons the centres until he faces the outside world. One of the things that shocked me the most was the attention when addressing reality was the "kids' self-government system".

Although between both projects a third took place, Insanus, which hybridized both formats, the director confessed his doubts about jumping from documentary to fiction, which he does "not consider final". Initially he thought about making the film with "the real Manuel", but soon enough he realized the decision was "a strategy to protect myself from fiction". That's why rejected the option, and had the young Andrea Lattanzi to play the youth before the abyss. After his discovery for cinema, the young actor is already filming the third season for the TV series Gomorra.

Sergio de Benito
Palabras clave Festival de Cine, 2017