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Bernat Manzano: "Doing whatever you want usually makes financing difficult"


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Boogaloo Films is a small production company fromBarcelona with three films present at 55FICX.

As the one responsible for Casa de nadie (Ingrid Guardiola), El equipo de mi barrio (Rafa de los Arcos) and Quiero lo eterno (Miguel Ángel Blanca), producer Bernat Manzano appeared alongside the directors from the last two films and editor Javier Gil, in another Toma 3 Vermut FICX.

Manzano revealed that in his production company he has the freedom to "do whatever I want, with an incredible self-satisfaction level", although as a trade-off he doesn't usually find financing sources in televisions or funds. With El equipo de mi barrio, which has banked on the self-management experience of supporters from Unión Club Ceares given the crisis, they were told the work could very well look like "Podemos propaganda", when their intention has nothing to do with politics but with a sports management governed by "improvisation and non-chalant attitudes". Given the absence of grants, they had to resort to a series of favours and crowdfunding, an experience "with a beautiful concept, but we don't think we'll ever repeat it", because according to Rafa de los Arcos "it doesn't allow a professional structure of any type". In a completely opposite process, Casa de nadie was financed by the Open Society Foundation from the moment of its inception, "as a project about the generational aging in several countries". Ingrid Guardiola's documentary answers this problem through two opposing settings: a retirement home in Barcelona and a village from the mining areas in León.

Quiero lo eterno is a bet for the extreme, to tell the story of the relationship between a group of young nihilists. Miguel Ángel Blanca spoke about how it originated. "One day I went partying and saw four rappers in a concert that I thought was terrible. They were giving Nazi discourses mixed with communist and feminist messages". When it ended, he suggested them to make a film. "Their universe astonished me, and they were cheap, because they just drank beer." With such a disintegrated discourse, the film's challenge was to manage all that torrent of improvisation and nihilism. "We started things they wanted to do, like getting tattoed or burning a homeless person". After the screening, he stated that an "old lady was worried about the homeless person's life". His only premise during the filming process was that the experience "looked like a dream". Editor Javier Gil commented about the threading process of these emotions that " at university they were teaching us to be very correct, give everything a sense, and here we are being guided by feelings and anarchy".

Aside from directing, Blanca is also the singer in Manos de Topo band, and one of Manzano's partners in Boogaloo Films. The day the producer met Quiero lo eterno protagonists "I didn't fear for my life, but for theirs", because every time they saw him "they asked for money and insulted me". In Blanca's words, the life of these four 18 years old is limited to "getting high, drinking and sleeping in the streets from time to time", and asserted that "they didn't even want to watch the film, because for them the past is no longer relevant". Since he launched the project "without asking permission", something usually impossible, its development allowed him to get close to the protagonists without judging them or adopting an ethical posture regarding their vital chaos, governed by an idea of "constant creation with artistic pretensions". His goal? To understand this generation because they only want to "destroy the world so it starts again".

Sergio de Benito
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