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Stephan Komandarev: "I wanted to diagnose what's happening in Bulgaria and Europe"


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Destinos is the third film by Bulgarian director Stephan Komandarev, competing in the 55FICX Official Section. The filmmaker presented his work before the media.
Mosaics of human tales in Sofia, the formal and narrative link between the different stories in Destinos is the presence of taxis, in whose interiors the camera is placed during the trips. While filming, the director wanted to "keep the utmost authenticity", and that was "a great challenge". He asserted he had some difficulty with it, because "actors had to be acting while driving, focused on the city's traffic", but he was "very satisfied with the result". Moreover, some episodes of the street filming were affected by its direct contact with urban reality. "The police intervened in the fight under the bridge episode, and the real taxi drivers stopped us to ask if everything was going alright".

Aside from showing the precarious estate of Bulgaria and Eurpe, Destinos brings us closer to the figure of the taxi driver as a direct witness of society. His inspiration arrived "when I got on a night taxi driven by a nuclear physicist", a common situation in a country where "many workers have a very low pay and drive taxis part-time to survive". From a conversation with him he got one of the film's sentences: "Bulgaria is a country of optimists, because the pessimists or the realists have already left". From that one fortuitous encounter, Komandarev started interviewing real drivers and compiling their stories. "All the stories appearing in the film, except one, are based on models of people I met. They read the screenplay and gave their opinion about it."

The storyline's trigger for Destinos is the assassination of a banker by a Bulgarian taxi driver. To write it, Komandarev got inspired by an incident that took palce three years ago, just not in Sofia: "A businessman was being blackmailed by a banker and he killed her close to the street, causing a lot of social debates. Afterwards he said he did it because he wanted to change such an unjust system". He emphasized that his position, based on that incident, "it's not about wanting to kill bankers, but to generate a discussion".

Before dedicating himself to cinema, the director was a medical doctor. As a simile with that job, he stated "if 80% of a successful treatment depends on an exact diagnosis, with my film I want to diagnose what's happening in Bulgaria and Europe". He thinks the most important problem "it isn't poverty, but a value crisis", because" a whole generation in my country finds it hard to understand what's good and what's bad", so "there's something deeply moral that's broken". When it comes to fighting corruption, which from the moment Bulgaria joined the European Union hasn't diminished, he believes it's essential "to avoid that point where people think it's normal", and considers his work as a filmmaker to "express my rejection about it".

After 55FICX, the film is getting ready to premiere in Bulgaria. It's a fundamental step for Komandarev, who wants to "create discussions and debate" with it. That's why, first there'll be "a screening for 500 taxi drivers from Sofia", whom he hopes "feel it like it's theirs". On December 1st, Karma Films will premiere Destinos in Spanish cinemas.

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