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The Citizen Offices have achieved the highest level of satisfaction amongst users


(Total de votos recibidos 481)

(Puntuación 3,00)

The offices have scored 4.7 points out of 5.
Satisfaction surveys have been done to rate the service given to the citizens ever since 2007. The scores have never dropped below 4.5 (with 5 being very satisfactory). This year we have reached the maximum score, a tie with the years 2009, 2013 and 2014, but with a lesser percentage of unsatisfied scores. Thus, 2017 is the best global valuation registered to this date.

The best valued factors have been the personnel's friendliness (96.7% satisfaction) and the time dedicated to meet the citizens' demands (96.6% satisfaction).

Furthermore this study has been used to learn about different aspects from the integrated municipal centres and their agenda's promotion. Users valued, above all else, the possibility of having different services integrated in the same Centre, as well as cleanliness and the installations' good maintenance. Both topics acquired an average score of 4.8 points.

The work has been carried out by the consulting firm Invesmark through 550 questionnaires, filled by as many users, distributed throughout the seven Citizen Offices and the Integrated Municipal Centres. The fieldwork was done between November 6th and the 10th of 2017.
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