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Año Bisiesto

Anio Bisiesto
Título internacional Leap Year
Sección Sección Oficial Largometraje en competición
Nacionalidad México
Año 2010
Formato 35mm.
Color / B&N Color
Duración 92 min.
Idioma original Español
Dirección Michael Rowe
Guión Michael Rowe, Lucía Carreras
Montaje Oscar Figueroa Jara
Fotografía Juan Manuel Sepúlveda
Música Afrodita (“Flores para ti”)
Dirección de arte Alisarine Ducolomb
Vestuario Adolfo Cruz Mateo
Producción Edher Campos, Luis Salinas
Intérpretes Mónica del Carmen, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Marco Zapata
Página web
Compañía productora Machete Producciones
Compañía distribuidora Golem
Sinopsis Laura, from Oaxaca, is twenty-five years old and lives alone in a modest flat in Distrito Federal. She works from home as a freelance journalist for an editorial and, therefore, hardly communicates with the outside world except through her brother who sometimes visits her and the lovers she lets in for nothing but mere sex. Nevertheless, following a series of short-time affairs, fate brings her and Arturo together. The first time they make love his touch is overwhelming and irresistible to her. They can not avoid seeing each other again, and so they start an intense, passionate and sexual romance in which there is an intermingling of pleasure, pain and love. However, the disclosure of some information from the girl's background causes extreme reactions from Arturo.
Biografía del director Born in Ballarat (Australia), although for the last sixteen years he lived in Mexico, he was an adolescent poet who decided to abandon poetry when he read T.S. Eliot and realised his inability to reach up to his level. He studied Literature at La Trobe University in his country of birth, got involved in various theatre and television projects just before moving to Mexico. After years of journalism and some unfinished audiovisual projects, he decided to shoot his first film on his own in seventeen days and with a total budget of $700,000. The result is Año bisiesto (2010), which was selected at the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes and awarded the Golden Camera (Camera d’Or) for Best First Film.